Disheads Unite!


Best Dipheads of 2016 Unite!

Dec 20, 2016

It’s been a great year for Plasti Dip. First, we got a new website. (But of course we still use this fan site—because you’re here reading the blog right now!) Then we released some brand new swanky Luxury Metal™ colors and added to our gleamy, dreamy collection of Pearlizer™ Enhancers. We’ve still got more colors and Enhancers than anyone else—and then some. And throughout the year we’ve seen a lot of dippin’ awesome projects from handymen and handywomen, car mod enthusiasts, and crafty Dip It Yourself-ers!

So we decided to pull together our favorite craft, handy project, and dipped ride for a special Best Of 2016 blog! Read on, Dipheads:

Best Craft of 2016: Camo Phone Case

To customize your phone case, all you need is Plasti Dip! And some triangle cut-outs and an X-ACTO knife if you want to mimic this cool geometric design. We gotta love it when the Camo colors are all used together!


Best Handyman Project of 2016:


We dig this handy project because Plasti Dip has now come full circle: What was once created to dip tool handles is now being used to dip tool cabinets! Project bonus: The colors are reminiscient of a can of Plasti Dip!


Best Car of 2016:

Every day on social media we see tons of awesome automotive projects. While it was hard to choose just one, we wanted to tip our hats to this intricate design created with a permanent marker on Plasti Dip. What will our Dipheads think of next?


Really, what WILL you think of next? Go ahead and tweet, gram, pin, or post pictures of your latest and greatest projects with #DipheadsUnite to keep the dip-spiration going on social media. See you next year!

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