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Every Superhero has a Great Origin Story

May 02, 2016

You may or may not have heard this once or twice before, but did you know that Plasti Dip is THE original peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable, rubber coating? It’s all true! We started Plasti Dip International in Minnesota (don’tchyaknow) as a manufacturer of specialty rubber coatings. So we made Plasti Dip way back in the 70s, but it was mostly used for dipping tool handles to improve grip. We also used to help make toys like Gumby® and Pokey®. Do you remember them or are we really that old?


Plasti Dip is going on 44 this year. We’ve grown and expanded operations to continue developing and manufacturing the highest quality coatings, sealants and adhesives on the market—including all the colors and enhancers of Plasti Dip that you love so very much. From industrial applications to home improvement and crafty consumer projects, we’ve dipped a lot of things over the years!


Here’s the shortlist of things we've dipped with a Plasti Dip International product:

  • Bridges in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
  • The Golden Gate Bridge (ever heard of it?)
  • Concrete swimming pools for Holiday Inn® Hotels
  • Meat processing plants (not the meat, of course, just the facilities)
  • Medical positioning pads used for surgery, imaging, and wheelchair seating
  • Wrestling mats and martial arts gear
  • Plus all of the things our amazing Dipheads have dipped and sprayed!


Our creative Dipheads took the DIY (Dip It Yourself) rubber coating and turned it into an automotive innovation. From rims and grilles to emblems and dashboards—or the entire car from hood to bumper—Dipheads are transforming their rides with Plasti Dip. Dip or spray it on. Peel it off. Get a new color. Dip it again. Repeat. With so many colors and enhancers to try (including a Create Your Color Kit!) there are endless possibilities. And remember: Plasti Dip is the original. Accept no imitators!

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