Disheads Unite!


Not ready for a full dip? Try Plasti Dip accents on your car

Feb 03, 2016

It’s no surprise that most of our Dipheads are also auto enthusiasts. With all the crazy colors and Enhancers, you can personalize your ride while protecting it from corrosion, abrasion, and the elements. It’s a win-win! Dip it, brush it, or spray it on and you’ve got yourself a brand new car. Better yet—whenever you want to change it up or return to the original paint job, Plasti Dip can be peeled off. Then just dip it again. And again.

You don’t even have to dip your whole car for a new look. From bright pops of color to subtle accents, you can add your own flair and personality to a car, truck, bike, or whatever you ride. Check out these easy automotive projects for trying out Plasti Dip on your ride.

Dipped Emblem

Lots of Dipheads have been dipping the emblems on their cars. Unfortunately, Plasti Dip does not improve the brand of your car, just the look.

Red and Black

We’re digging the red and black on this Cadillac. Dip your grille for an accent on the front of your car, while adding a layer of durable protection. Another win-win!

Orange Rims

You’ll need to wear sunglasses around this truck. Those Blaze Orange rims are bright! Next step: Blaze Blue grille.

These small projects are a quick, fun way to customize your car, but we can’t guarantee you won’t stop there! Dipping is highly addictive to people who like fun things. You’ll soon be dipping racing stripes, door handles, mirror covers, and more in no time at all. So pick up some cans of Plasti Dip from one of our retailers and try out one of these awesome car modifications!



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