Disheads Unite!


Six Dippin’ Awesome Auto Projects to Recreate with Dad

Jun 04, 2015

Wondering what to do for Father’s Day? Look no further than your garage. From rims and stripes to a full-body coat, we’ve pulled together six unique auto projects you can recreate with Dad for Father’s Day.  Whether you’re picking up a can of Plasti Dip for the first time or you’re a seasoned Diphead, we found projects suited for all levels of experience.

New Recruit

Dipped logos

If you’re not ready to coat your entire car in a new color, start with detailing. The trim and logos are good mini projects, especially if you’re looking for a subtle change.

Black Detail Stripes.png

For a fun take on stripes, give each stripe a different weight like the ones on the hood of this truck. This Diphead even put stripes on the side mirrors!


Big Dipper

Protect your rims

Dipping your rims adds a layer of protection AND a rad new color, so it’s totally a win-win situation.

What about the interior?

For personalization without standing out on the highway, transform your car’s interior. Dipping your dashboard can protect it from getting scuffed and scratched.


Master Diphead


Superman left this project to the pros. If you and your dad are itching to tackle a full-body paint job, get inspiration from themed vehicles like this Super Honda.

Can't decide on a color?

For the Diphead who knows it all, take on a project with Enhancers, like this impressive Chameleon-dipped car.

Which Plasti Dip project would you like to try next? Be sure to post pictures of you and Dad dipping with the hashtag #DipheadsUnite! And click here for more information on where to buy your favorite Plasti Dip colors and enhancers. 


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