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Up your dip game with our line of enhancers

Mar 06, 2015

If you’re a fan of Plasti Dip, and if you’re reading this you probably are, you’ll love our enhancers. Here’s the scoop on all of them, in good-old-fashioned alphabetical order. (We can’t play favorites.)


Chameleon adds a color-shifting iridescent shimmer over anything dipped in black Plasti Dip. It’s available in a variety of options, including Kaleidoscope which gives off a spectrum of seven different colors, making it our most colorful color ever. If it sounds fantastic, that’s because it is.


Behold the glory of gloss. Our Glossifier enhancer adds fade buster protection and a glossy polish over any Plasti Dip color. From arts and crafts to home improvement projects, if you can dip it, you can glossify it. Shine bright, little star. Shine bright.


You don’t have to be into face-melting guitar solos and head-banging to be a metalhead. Our Metalizer enhancer adds a rockin’ metallic sparkle over any Plasti Dip color. Choose from options such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Bright Aluminum and our newest addition, Graphite.


Mother of Pearl! It’s gleamy, it’s dreamy, it’s our Pearlizer enhancer. This stuff creates a pearlescent appearance when applied over any Plasti Dip color. We’re talking about a pearly sheen with a subtle white tint for a distinctive, yet tastefully understated finish. We assure you that no oysters are harmed or robbed when we create Pearlizer.


Last but not least (it’s a 5-way tie for the most awesome) is our Satinizer. This one, like the Glossifier, adds fade buster protection. But instead of the glossy look, the Satinizer maintains the semi-gloss, satin luster of Plasti Dip. Ideal for automotive, crafts and a whole slew of other uses.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know our line of enhancers. We’re quite keen on them, and we think you’ll be, too. They’re available in 11-oz. aerosol cans and apply quickly and easily. Simply shake and spray, like any other spray-on Plasti Dip. Just like that, you’ll make your already unique projects doubly unique and even more a creation all your own. As always, be well, dip well.



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