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The great indoors: indoor dipping ideas for winter

Jan 02, 2015

It’s still winter. And if the weather outside is frightful, why not start projects that are delightful? (If it’s warm where you live, well, it must be rough.) There are virtually limitless ways you can use Plasti Dip for arts, crafts and handyman projects, so cure cabin fever with some indoor dipping action. Here are just a few ideas that may inspire you.

Don’t you love it when your dog pushes its food and water bowl all over the place while eating? Neither does anyone else. By dipping the bowls (or just the bottoms), you’ll provide some traction that can help keep them in place while your pup or cat chows down and wets its whistle. Just make sure the Plasti Dip has fully dried before you fill up those bowls. It’s too bad that dogs and cats are colorblind, because they’re gonna look great. Other good candidates that could benefit from a good dippin’ are silverware, coffee cups and any hooks around the house. You know, the ones you hang stuff on. You’d be amazed at how changing the look of little household objects like these can really freshen things up. 

One of our Dipheads created a wicked-cool doorknob coat hook hanger thingy. It’s handy AND crafty! You won’t find one of these at your big box retailer store. That’s one of the best things about Plasti Dip — it can make things uniquely yours. And of course, if you want to switch it up again, you can peel it right off. You can see how to make a doorknob coat hook hanger thingy of your own by checking out the blog of the Diphead that made it. All the deets (details) are there. Thank you for the submission!

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We encourage you to send us photos of your own projects. You may get featured on our website and/or Facebook page, just like the creator of the doorknob coat hook hanger thingy. To share your creations, post them on our Facebook page using #DipheadsUnite or email us at

Thanks Dipheads! Here’s to a dippin’ awesome 2015!


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