Disheads Unite!


The AAPEX cometh. And you should go-eth.

Oct 20, 2014

Ah, acronyms. If you don’t know what the AAPEX is, you’re about to. It’s the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. We’re going to be there. And we hope you are, too. It goes down November 4 – 6 in Las Vegas, which as we all know is pretty much the most fun (funnest?) city around.

We’ll be camped out at booth #3256 (see map), so swing over to see how people are completely transforming their vehicles with Plasti Dip, and take a look at our many one-of-a-kind colors and enhancers. We have more of them than anybody, which is part of what makes us the industry leader. Seriously though, the members of our DIPHEAD army love Plasti Dip so much that we had to “gallonize” it. What else would you expect from the original peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable rubber coating? 

Yes, it’s an interesting, exciting time over here at Plasti Dip. Then again, it usually is. Our new site just launched on the world wide web, and it’s dippin’ awesome. You’re on it right now, but check out our homepage to take it from the top. From there you can see how DIPHEADS are using Plasti Dip in incredibly creative ways, watch how-to videos, and check out our full line of products and find out where you can get them.

This is the part where we tell you that if you’d like more information about the 2014 AAPEX trade show, you can visit the AAPEX website. Registration is now open, so you should go for it. I mean, you’re already online and everything. See you in Vegas!


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