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Frosted Glass with Plasti Dip

Sep 23, 2014

We all need a little privacy now and then, and the best place to enjoy your privacy is (usually) in the comfort of your own home. But, houses, apartments, and condos all tend to have big sections of the walls that you can just see right through!* Like everything of real value, privacy requires a little work.

Frosted glass—sometimes called privacy glass—is an excellent solution. It still lets in sunlight, but obscures the view of any lookie-loos who might try to peek into your domicile. You could replace all your windows with privacy glass, but that can be a pricey undertaking. Regular glass, especially in window sizes, is expensive enough; fancy “specialty” glass styles cost even more.


Instead, just pick up a can of clear aerosol Plasti Dip and spray your windows.** Three or four coats is all you’ll need to turn your glass into DIY privacy glass. White Plasti Dip can also be used for increased opacity. It’s considerably less expensive than replacement windows, and a heck of a lot quicker and easier, as this YouTube video shows. You can tape off sections, too, if you’d prefer to “frost” just the bottom half of a window (for example).

Or, if you want frosted glass for aesthetic rather than functional purposes, you can do all kinds of fun stuff. Make a checkerboard pattern of frosted and unfrosted squares; or concentric rectangles alternating frosted/unfrosted; or a “border” of frosted glass with an untouched center section. Anything you can block off with painter’s tape and newspaper is within the realm of possibility.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to windows. Maybe the glass door of your shower could use a little special attention, or maybe you’ve got a big—but boring—mirror in the guest bedroom that could be given new life with some artistic Plasti Dip frostifying. Put on your creative cap and go crazy!

An added bonus with Plasti Dip-frosted windows is peelability. If you decide you don’t want your windows frosted anymore, just peel the Plasti Dip off and your windows will be good as new. Good luck de-frosting factory-made frosted glass! It should be noted that more coats of Plasti Dip will allow for easier peeling—maybe the opposite of what you’d expect, but true.

When Dipping your windows, it’s preferable to spray the outside of the glass, if possible. (Aerosol Plasti Dip has a pretty potent smell until it’s dried.) If you must spray the inside instead, please be sure to open other windows for ventilation.

Any of you Dip Heads have a frosted glass project you’d like to share? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook—we want to hear all about it!

Easy to apply and remove (if necessary), inexpensive, and equal parts functional and stylish, frosting glass with Plasti Dip will give your windows a nifty new look and give you a little more privacy. Nobody on the outside will know that you’re not wearing pants!

* Some folks call those “windows.”
** More cans may be required depending on the number of windows to be frosted.

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